Public Facebook page: P. Kristen Enos’s Projects

Created new FB page, P. Kristen’s Projects, to allow me to post info on my creative projects and appearances related to them: the “Creatures of Grace” fantasy book series, “Web of Lives” digital comic series and “Deseo” (using Marco Turini’s latest pinup as the banner.) As well as give peeps a chance to provide feedback or questions on my projects.

It’s also hooked up to my twitter account.

Please “Like” if you wish to receive further updates of this nature.

I will still make major announcements on this site related to the book series.

New York Comic Con 2014 Panels

Seems I’m confirmed to speak on two panels, “PRISM Comics Presents: Women in Queer Comics” (moderated by Tara Madison Avery) and “Secret Identities – Transgender Themes in Comic Books” (moderated by Charles Battersby). Stop by if you’re at the con!

And yes, I am up to my eyeballs in the pages for book 2, “The Queens and Kings of the Seas” in order to make a November publishing date!